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Get your courses seen by the right audience

Boost your visibility and promote your brand as a leading educational institution by advertising your courses with us and effectively attracting a more relevant and targeted pool of potential students.

It’s simple. All you have to do is submit your courses to Career Hunter and we’ll promote them to select test takers when they’ve been matched to relevant professions. This means that we only display your courses to people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, while ensuring your courses get as much exposure as possible.

How it Works

1. Reach out to us: Get the ball rolling by contacting us to discuss your particular needs.

2. We prepare snapshots of your courses: We write unique and dynamic content to advertise your courses on Career Hunter.

3. Attract more relevant candidates: We promote your courses to people who’ve been matched with relevant professions only.

Why Promote Your Courses with Us

Reach targeted prospective students

Align your institution with an advanced career testing platform

Direct potential applicants straight to your courses

Who Can Promote Courses

Colleges and universities

Professional training providers

All other educational institutions

What You Get

Your courses are prominently displayed to Career Hunter test takers once they’ve been matched to relevant professions. Listings include detailed information about the course itself as well as your organisation’s logo and a direct link to the applicable course page on your website.

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