About Career Hunter

Introducing Career Hunter, CareerAddict’s latest online tool to helping you find your career.

Career Hunter is one of the most valuable, accurate and advanced testing services available in the market today, and aims to help you pursue a career based on your professional goals and talents.

We're part of the CareerAddict network, one of the leading career resources on the internet, and specialise in helping everyone from school to career changers and experienced professionals start and advance their careers.

Who We Target

Whatever you're still in school and confused about your career options, unsure you've chosen the right path or you're stuck in a job you hate and want to find your true calling. Career Hunter has one goal: to educate people of all ages and background about their options and to match them to suitable careers.

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How it Works

Are you meant to be an accountant, chef or lawyer? We help you answer that question by analysing your strengths, interests, motivators and personality, and then matching you to the careers you're best suited to.

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Our Tests

We use a series of 6 scientifically-backed psychometric and self-assessment tests to math people to their ideal career. Our tests we developed by a team of occupational psychologists and experts, and are based on the latest psychometric methodologies and state-of-the-art technology.

Why Choose Career Hunter?

Advanced Testing System

Accurate Career Matches

Comprehensive Job Profiles

Detailed Career Report

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