How It Works

Are you meant to be a flight attendant, chef or teacher? What about an accountant, lawyer or firefighter? With Career Hunter, you’ll be able to answer that question – but just how do we match you to the ideal career?

Our Process

1. The Career Interests Test
which looks at what you like and dislike in a job.

2. The Work Personality Test
which evaluates your work values and preferences.

3. The Career Motivators Test
which identifies what makes you tick at work.

4. The Abstract Reasoning Test
which examines your ability to identify the underlying logic in patterns.

5. The Numerical Reasoning Test
which assesses your ability to comprehend and apply numbers in your work.

6. The Verbal Reasoning Test
which measures your ability to quickly process information and draw accurate conclusions.

Once you’ve completed all 6 tests, we compile and analyse all the information you gave us to compare your compatibility to more than 200 different professions and bring you the top 10 careers you’re best suited to.

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The Science Behind Our Tests

All our tests are scientifically validated and were developed by a team of occupational psychologists and experts with more than 30 years’ experience in the development and application of psychometric tests.

The Career Hunter tests are scored by advanced and innovative technology based on our unique algorithm, and are continuously developed to improve their accuracy and effectiveness as well as provide users with a seamless experience.

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