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Take Career Hunter’s 6 self-assessment and aptitude tests, and get your top 10 career matches plus relevant course recommendations.

What You’ll Get

Recommendations Based on Your Results

Upon completing all 6 of Career Hunter’s testing areas, we compile and carefully analyse your results to provide you with insight into your strengths, interests, motivations and personality, and we use this information to match you to the careers you’re best suited to.

We also give you relevant course recommendations based on your results and the careers you’ve been matched to so that you start your professional journey – or change paths altogether – on the right foot, as you work toward obtaining the right qualifications.

Direct Access to Courses

Whether you prefer the freedom of online learning or university life, our recommendations accommodate the needs of everyone from school leavers to career changers and experienced professionals.

Each course profile includes details about the individual course, including location and duration, and you can directly apply for the course with the provider by following the link to their website – no middleman involved!

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Recommendation based on your actual career matches

Get relevant course recommendations to pursue your ideal career!

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