Career Report

Complete all 6 tests and get your personalised 55+ page Career Hunter™ Career Report containing your detailed results and top 10 career matches based on your strengths, interests, motivations and personality.

What’s Included in the Report?

Detailed Test Results

Gain a better understanding of your psychological makeup in 6 core areas with a detailed analysis of your performance in each of Career Hunter’s self-assessment and aptitude test tests.

Career Interests Test

Get an overview of your compatibility to 19 different industries (including engineering, healthcare and creative arts) and discover the top 3 industries you’re best suited to and the top 3 you’re least suited to.

Career Motivators Test

Discover what makes you tick at work – whether it’s job security, working with others or the prospect of a salary increase – and learn how you measure up against 18 different internal and external motivating factors.

Work Personality Test

Get assessed on 29 different personality traits based on your results and find out how flexible, sociable and autonomous you are – plus discover your top 3 strongest traits and your top 3 weakest.

Abstract, Numerical and Verbal Reasoning Tests

Find out how suitable you are to careers that require thinking outside the box, working with numbers and communicating effectively, along with individual percentiles, T-scores and Sten scores.

Top 10 Career Matches

What career should you follow? Are you meant to be a vet, a web developer or an estate agent?

Taking Career Hunter’s series of tests can help you identify which careers align with your strengths, interests, motivations and personality the most, in order to begin your professional journey on the right foot – whether you’re a school leaver or changing careers.

Your personalised 55+ Career Hunter™ Career Report contains your top 10 career matches plus detailed job profiles outlining the duties and responsibilities, working hours, salary prospects and entry requirements for each career you’re matched to.

Percentage of actual match

Detailed analysis of results

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